Attain total user satisfaction at all stages; before, during and after the verification of vehicles’ physical-mechanical conditions and of their and emissions, offering a high quality service. The above concerns all company vehicles and clients of the Federal Cargo Transportation Service, fares, tourism and environmental protection of vehicles that use diesel as fuel.


Prevent accidents in the cargo transportation industry caused by physical-mechanical malfunctions in vehicles that have been verified by FLENSA.

2. Satisfy our clients’ needs, aiming to provide the verification service according to the regulations NOM-068-SCT-2-2014, NOM-045-SEMARNAT-2006 and NMX-17020-IMNC-2014 without complaints or appeals.


Impartiality and Independence Policy

FLENSA S.A. DE C.V.’s Verification Units promise to maintain the impartiality and independence criteria. The safeguards and resources will be used that are necessary to avoid conflicts of interest, commercial or financial pressure or any other situation that could jeopardize the operation, reliability and impartiality of our verification units and the results they produce.

Provide support and resources to investigate and punish anybody who attempts to effect the verifiers’ professional judgment and / or punish any verifier that does not meet the impartiality criteria.


"At FLENSA, we are a reliable alternative, offering specialized freight transportation solutions, which delivers on time and follows stringent quality and safety policies. By using the best equipment and committed, honest and highly qualified personnel, we maintain the sustainability of our company.”
And we are committed to comply with regulation NMX-EC-17020-IMNC-2014

Confidentiality Policy

FLENSA S.A. DE C.V.’s Verification Units promise to maintain the confidentiality of information and activities resulting from the verification service provided. This will only be presented to the client or in order to comply with the requests of the relevant authorities.