We are a reliable alternative, offering specialized freight transportation solutions, which delivers on time and follows stringent quality and safety policies. By using the best equipment and committed, honest and highly qualified personnel, we maintain the sustainability of our company. (January 2013).

In 5 years we will be recognized by our customers both as their main business partner for their specialized transportation needs and as a model business in the industry. Our organizational culture and corporate identity, sufficient and adequate use of infrastructure and equipment, technology specially chosen for the job, and excellent quality of staff will identify us as a top class service provider and as a business example to be followed. (January 2013)


FLENSA, we preserve the safety and health of our personnel, the integrity of our resources and the goods of our customers, through compliance with the legal, national and private requirements, such as CTPAT-NEEC to ensure safety throughout the supply chain. (JANUARY, 2013)